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Jul 13, This is a Casino Mage deck, which aims to exclude cards from all 3 on Leonidas King Of The Spartans Slot - Play Penny Slots Online list. Dann jetzt unsere Webseite besuchen und Hearthstone Casino Mage umsonst out this deck paypal login ändern Ok, I appreciate your commentary on the list. Sep 11, Official Club Wish list. Unlike those casual mage decks that hesitate to go all-in most of the Boom - The grandmaster of hearthstone rng.

Flamecannon - Wanna take the coinflip? This card might be the one for you then! Unstable Portal - This is the slot machine of the deck.

Toss in a coin and see what you get! Double or nothing and try again! Flamewaker - Why not try placing double the bets at once? You might win twice.

Spellslinger - Free spins for everyone! Tinkmaster Overspark - A random target and a random outcome? Goblin Blastmage - Oooh, rn- fire! Blingtron - Who wants presents?

Madder Bomber - Sometimes rng can backfire a lot. Sometimes it ends up in some harsh blow ups! Boom - The grandmaster of hearthstone rng.

Hit face for 4? Clear the enemy board? This guy is the boss of the casino. Marvel at his luck. I played 3 games now, my bad outcomes so far: Cursed Blade twice and Doomsayer.

Besides, I always love decks that go beyond the ordinary and make the opponent go "what the hell is going on".

This has the potential to make us say that, too! I would maybe add Saraad and Grand Crusader, and remove Tinkmaster. Pre-nerf he would have been ok-ish, but now he just destroys some of the few winning conditions of the deck.

Flamewaker really does make this deck good, helps alot with early game when clearing! So not too sure what to suggest! Thanks for a cool deck and a good laugh.

This is a highest win rate popular Tempo Mage build right now. We analyze many different builds and include the ones that perform best we tend to ignore builds that were played by literally a single player, because the results are usually skewed.

Vex Crow might look powerful, but the card is just too slow in this deck. The deck list will change very often, since the meta is not stable yet.

Maybe five days from now it will again look completely different. Great combo with Aluneth and Arcane intelectual.

This deck is far worse with the Vex crow package than without, this list has been working alot better for me as mage. To do this u have to maintain the board until turn 5 in which you can play Crow and a spell.

But by the time turn 5 comes, against most decks currently it is too late and you wont have enough time to recover regardless of how many two drops Vex Crow creates.

By dropping the spells they run for more flexible spells like cinderstorm, which can be used to deal 5 to the board to help maintain it, or used as damage to the opponent.

Sorry for long reply I just took my Adderall lol. Can you explain to me how you play your deck. Thanks very much for this deck Teague!

I have one 7 games in a row getting me from rank 15 to 12 after just starting to play it. It would be great if you could post a tutorial on how to use your version of your deck since it seems very promising.

Why not include archmage antonidis? Mirror Entity is a nasty surprise for players who are expecting just the Runes and the Counterspell.

Antonidas plus a couple of cheap spells is your win condition, not a single ten-damage blowout. Another Cinderstorm might go better.

Ok bro, deck is full tested now. Good deck, if u read this commend use this deck instead of one in guide since guide is not good right now to be honest.

Aslo u will need other cheap spells, try to control board and wait for pyroblast to close the game. Use alluneth only if u must! Good luck dear Mage players.

Sry for bad eng. There are 3 things that im missin — archmage and the glyphs. There is no way that im crafting archmage but i was wondering if its worth crafting the glyphs or even 1 of them im asking bcs i think that after the rotation of ice block, mage might will be a little bit weaker so nobody gonna see any potential in it i kno that a sigle card doesnt make the deck but…its the freaking ice block.

What am I doing wrong? I lose so much! That Antonidas is the core card. You need him to generate as many Fireball as possible. Use those Fireball and Pyroblast to finish the game fast.

As of 13th of April, I took this deck from Rank 18 to Rank 5 with only one loss. The RNG is so strong, I snowballed everything: The deck is brainless to play and simply disgusting.

Shame on everyone who plays it; it just ruins the meta and the game for others. Not really, i have played both using it and against it and it can totally be beated by many other decks.

If you get a very lucky draw, this deck is amazingly strong, but just as well u can get a bad draw and for example, get a lot of secrets and no minions that uses secrets, or get a lot of minions and no secrets.

Also, no other deck suffers as much as this one from a destroy weapon play from your oponent. Last season i prefered ranking with spiteful priest.

Its a lot more consistent and less draw dependant even tho can sometimes have a similar problem to this deck if you dont draw any dragons.

I perfectly know that Paladin wrecks it and sometimes you can lose even against cubelock if some weird things happen cube on the mistress, early skull, etc.

As far as I can tell, it seems fair and interesting, so what am I missing? I cannot figure out how to play with this deck against Big Priest.

You can also kill at Turn 7 with burn spells. Alternatively set a Counterspell on Turn 5 so Shadow Essence will get countered. If Barnes rolls into Ysera, ignore the minions and go face.

If you already have some good cards to play when aluneth is in ur hand should you play aluneth or something else first? One of those situations is when you have a strong tempo turn — e.

It puts 9 attack on the board and Counterspell, which makes it very hard for your opponent to AoE that board down. Keeping up the tempo and aggression is often more necessary than getting that card draw going.

Murloc Warleader vs Murloc Paladin — then playing Aluneth and just dying is not really a good play. Read the guide, do what is says and play smart and you can get to legend with this deck.

Your losses are probably not the decks fault. Yes, but whenthat happens it loses valet, and the kabak dude. Basically neutering its burn and one mana tempo.

I doubt there will be the same success in witchwood. Why does it seem that weapon removal tech cards are overlooked by everyone? Weapons show up 12 times in the top 6 meta decks.

With this in mind should i be using a Harrison jones or an acidic swamp ooze? Also what is the reason for the lack of weapon removal? It seems like a big oversight.

It might be decent to run a silence though. Why dont nerf this shit??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I deleted my secret mage 1 year ago cause that was too easy and strong.. Where are the developers???? I hope will be destroyed soon cause is ruining gaming experience.

Is pretty stupid, go face with all your direct damage and put opponent to 0. The fuck is that?! Prove me that is a strategic deck.

Also this deck cuts out one Arcane Int. Which is always required for cycle. This deck seems to have too many secrets.

Keeping the 2x CS and 2x Runes seems to be the perfect fit. Glyph can always find answers as well. Having 6 secrets with no combo from Lackey to Kirin Tor really sucks.

All these high mana cost 3 cost secrets sit in your hand with no combo really is crap. I would stick to 2x CS and 2x Runes. Find answers through glyph.

Also Firelands portal is a good remover and a good minion drop on 7. The fact this deck only runs one is pretty bad.

Thoughts on slotting in an arcane giant or two into this deck? Been trying it out and the giants get close to 0 mana fast. But not what to remove to fit them in.

Perhaps replacing the crystal runners with arcane giants? Either priest has Death by that mana turn, or Lock has Siphon by that time as well. Kabal Crystal Runner can be dropped usually around turn 4 which is really a full turn from Priest with death.

Or it goes un answered and pushes 5 damage. Arcane Giants are wayyyy to late as this is a tempo oriented deck where your opponent should be dead around turn 6 to turn 8.

If not you usually have your opponent at around 8 or 9 life where finisher is Pyro. Definitely going to build this deck.

I thought so too but I realized that even when I got it from Primordial Glyph, as 6 mana, it was too slow.

Most of my Secrets had been played by then anyway. It only has 1 firelands portal which doesnt help past turn 7. But you have 6 secrets that you can almost never combo with because they get clunky.

Stick to the 2x CS and 2x Runes package. Use Glyph for more secrets or for more burn. I always kill Warlocks with no problem by turn 7.

I tried this deck and lose because of clunky secrets i can never combo with. I put 2 in lol made it more f2p oriented got rid of valet kuz I got no coins added some g crawlers and got rid of weapon for kabold lackey and did lots of changes to the deck like adding potion of polymorth.

Not sure what your talking about. You may be missing your que to switch from board control to face. Without the know how your sunk.. Problem is always the same: Any thoughts on taking out Arcane Intellect for another Firelands Portal?

Which card would you swap out in that case? I replaced firelands portal for flame strike, is it good? Because i play alot against aggro decks and it actually helped me against aggro paladin.

Against Aggro, Volcanic Potion would probably be a better tech card, actually! Most of the time, you lose games against Aggro if you fall behind in the early game, Turn 7 is often too late to come back even if you AoE down the board.

And that 2 damage early AoE damage can work wonders against some of the faster decks. This deck is fuckin awesome, i was before the last patch on Demo control and aggro paladin i played both , and then the nerf came: But definitely the secret mage is, on my opinion, the most powerful deck after the last patch.

Then you can deal with aggro decks, like paladin but honestly its quite hard, its not a big deal cause from the nerf, many people drop the aggro style to mage or demo control.

To resume, go for secret mage, the most powerful deck in this meta of february, it is cehap dust more or less and very strong, i advice follow guid before try it cause its a little bit technical deck.

It will no longer be playable in the current form. Not to mention that a lot of the good cards from are still staying e.

Arcanologist, Primordial Glyph, Aluneth. At this point, it really depends on what Blizzard decides to print for Mage in the first expansion of Wow, this deck is superb, and great fun to play with and against.

Lots of interaction, and awesome curve. It makes them feel like they truly belong to that class. Decks that are running half of the neutral cards are definitely losing a lot in terms of identity.

No, no, Faceless is probably too slow in this deck. Or are you planning on still using it. I replaced one with a Spell Breaker and the other with a tuskarr Fisherman..

Not sure about that last one tho.. The kharazhan card are good until the next expansion drops and the year of the Mammoth.

Pyroblast and a second arcane intellect are good replacements, the pyro blast can make you draw the weapon more consistently, and pyro blast is good for quite a bit of burn damage.

Spellbreaker might be a very good solution since you have a lot of chance to play against control decks like Cube Warlock in the future.

Got to Rank 8 this month using only this deck swapped 1 firelands portal for ice block. Almost got to rank 7. It will be interesting how this deck will change in the coming weeks.

Why are the Ice Blocks Eliminated from the deck? I replaced one fireland with Pyroblast as it is worth it. You can also go with straight 2x Hydra.

They are really strong in this deck, but you need Pyro to win almost always against Nzoth Lock. Bittertide Hydra is really strong against Warlock.

The only problem is that it sucks against Paladin, so tech your deck accordingly. I made friends who are Ranked Legened above I made people i have friends on Heartstone play it.

They all tell me this is for simple normal games only. Even in Normal you see how weak it is. A lot of legend players play this deck and it seems ok maybe not astonishingly good, but ok for them.

I agree, on how the meta is right now with warlock, paladin, druids, building big minions it has no way to clear the table and how to compete against big weapons.

This list needs at list 1 Ice Block in the current meta. Especially with Aluneth in the later turns where you would have previously been floundering.

Check out our budget version of the deck: And ice block provides you at least one more turn, that will be enough to win because of burst damage by spells.

Secrets mage has always been my favorite deck since I started playing Hearthstone a couple years ago. It felt like I knew something no one else did using that deck.

Secrets Mage is my deck, and I have a few curve balls in my version of it that most players are not ready for using the standard version that is so popular now.

If you play your secrets properly, it is a win most of the time. Hlps a lot in the end phase just to finish off the opponent if you run out of fireballs often happens with me.

Super fun deck and Aluneth makes it crazy powerful! Just won 4 games in a row vs. Mirror entity is really bad. Opponents always play around it.

Firelands is just better. Also I use one pyro. It wan me quite a few games so far. What did you replace for the Pyro? Replace Mirror Entity with 2 Explosive Runes and 1 babbling book with an Aluneth for effectiveness in new meta.

Only dumb People run mirrors entity. Ultimate infestation, swipe, cold blood, the stegodon paladin buff, kill commands are just examples of game turning spells that get countered by these 2 secret while a mirrors entity can get you 1 nice little alley cat jeez People cant think for themselves anymore.

Counterspell are fantastic vs druid and priest and the whole idea behind the deck is to force your opponent to make suboptimal plays while playing around secrets.

The pilot of the deck has to be able to recognize weather to hold counterspell or mirror or spellbender in my case untill a key turn.

As for the ice block, this is a tempo deck and so ice block doesnt do anything for you on tempo nor does it disrupt opponents plays so its not worth it.

This list is pretty much only changed with some spell benders, hydras, cobalt scalebanes, or removal under 7ish mana. This deck has zero AE board clear to deal with those small minions.

Arcane Giant — This deck casts a ton of spells, but the cost of this minion rarely seems to get low enough quickly enough to be effective.

It ends up playing too slow most of the time. Red Mana Wyrm — Another card I figured would synergize well with all the spells, but again, too slow.

The biggest issue this deck seems to have for me is card draw towards the late game. I figure a minion with card draw might fit nicely.

I went with Polluted Hoarder over Gnomish Inventor because he still offers some punch. What about Acolyte of Pain? I really like this deck.

You should look into tempo rogue, vilespine slayer is a ridiculous tempo card…. I would play that deck myself but crafting legendaries is a tad tough: Today I finally bought those damn bittertide hydras and got to rank 5 for the first time!

A lot depends on decent early game draws esp vs warlock zoo and tempo rogue. Babbling book sucks, too rng. I use Hydras instead.

They turn the deck more aggro and efficient. I am having a really good winrate so far at rank 8. Or with mirror, coz every player check before they go the big one.

Your soul would be sold to devil And you children would be burning in eternal agony od you would relace firelands portal with meteor.

I would keep the firelands portal, but you could try taking out a babbling book for the meteor if you want to run it. Firebat found success recently with the card in his secret mage, so it may not be a bad choice.

Yes Sometimes Yogg or a Pyroblast is better in this spot, when you face taunts or have no minions on board.

I have no decent deck before and I am new to this game. Thank to you I am able to enjoy game with a low cost deck. Can rip the face with magic.

As new cards can suggest The Lich King because of impact. I find that two Arcane Giants is one too many; a lot of times one will stick around early game for a few turns as an absolutely dead card.

Yes, it would be dreamy to Arcane Intellect into 2 of these bad boys that cost nothing, but that doesnt happen fast enough it seems. The reason for this is because you can buy extra time to discount it further while also maintaining board control.

Some of the changes help against Aggro as well, since sometimes you cant crank out enough tempo fast enough to keep up.

Everyone plays around it for free when they have the coin. It also gets wrecked by things like Binding Heal, Hallucination, Upgrade, and other cheap and weak spells.

Sure, you can steal their 2 drop with Kabal Lackey, but as much as I love the card the combo simply doesnt work well enough. A lot of times, you will be tempted to spend your removal on killing minions, but an extra ten damage in hand allows you to set up turn lethals against most matchups.

One is enough I think, as there are not many other minions you can afford to cut from this deck, and removing spells actually makes this card weaker.

All in all, it seems to me like Crystal Runner does an overall better job at being a big tempo swing than Arcane Giant, but if you can buy yourself some time with different spells than the meta calls for then we may seem some of these guys popping up in more decks.

This is a small price to pay considering how effective they are mid to late game. It just dies to any other Mage or Paladin deck.

Honestly, those guys how think this deck is shit have no idea how to play it. In my opinion I would put in one spellbender and one secret eater against freeze mage or paladin.

Guys you have to add one maybe even two copys of Spellbender. This Card is too good in this Meta. I try to give you one example of every class to use it just to show you how needed it is currently.

Pls just try it a few Games. Every tragetet Spell he uses on Minions Priest: Shadowwords and Buffs Shaman: Mortal Strike on Minions ,Slam… Druid: Mark of the Wild, Wrath… Hunter: KC, that set Health on 1….

Much Buffs and Removals… Rogue: Cold Blood, much Removals. I love this deck got from rank 14 to legend this season! This deck is amazing, I hit rank easily.

Only evolve shaman gives me a hard time and against Paladin its The rest of the decks win only if i have a bad start. I have no idea why this is in top decks….

This is useless Lol-deck, vs Aggro-decks its nothing. What U gonna do vs Live Mana? Used this list last month to get from rank 3 to rank 1, hopefully with the advice of this guide I can climb a lil faster.

Save mirror entity for turn 8 or higher to scare them away from playing mediv or alex. This deck takes some practice but it really is not that hard to play.

Missing Pyros and Yogg. I have gone 2 and 3 today. What should i put in? You cant play it this deck to be honest.. All these rates is not fake.

Watch some streams to learn decks and not prejustice anything because you cant play it.. This is a great deck for climbing the ladder. I hit rank 4 from 12 in two days.

It is a hit or miss as everyone else has said. It does not take long before you realize if you would win or lose this game — really save time.

On average you win more than you lose. Thank you for sharing such a great deck. Zero chance vs token shaman and there are alot of them in higher rank range like 4 out of You cant beat them.

Each turn they can create bodies without any problems. Unless I draw flamestrike from glyph, i fail to see how to win. Most of the time the spell is too expensive to play early game anyway, and by the time Tempest dies I can actually afford the spell.

Took me from rank legend to in less than 2 hours. They have next to no removal and just give you the board early.

Curve out well, take the board and pressure. Expect to have to go through a little bit of armor too. I like this Deck. Played Mage when I started of a few months ago, and this is a nice reintroduction to this class.

I speak from experience, because i dusted Reno not knowing what was coming up in gadgetzan. Huge regret and i ended up grinding to craft him.

Anyhow thats just my take on it…. And I know it can sting. I already dusted Bruglar Bully and Doomsayer, not knowing what I would use them for at the time.

Now there on my crafting list, but hey dust, comes and goes right? Blizzard could have given us half the dust back and everyone would be super happy and still spend loads of real money.

Medivh is for control. This deck is not control. Thalnos fits into any deck that uses damage spells, even those with a lower curve, but also works in control.

Thanks, Yes I hear you, but then, I mean If I want to play a deck that runs other legends than the ones I have sitting on the shelf. I find that hard to deal with.

Yea, this deck is pretty cheap. It is still possible to make it better with a Yogg Saron and a Pyros. As the autor said, this deck is about creating maximum value every turn.

So each turn you have several options, and your goal is to chose the one that gives you the more value. I was stuck at rank 12 for the longest time, then I made this deck and easily moved to rank ten with only a couple losses.

I am now, lol. I feel like the deck needs 1 or 2 more secrets when im playing it? Are there any other good secrets I can add?

I just got legend with this and I felt the same way. I took out one babbling book and added a spell bender. What do you think about adding 1 iceblock or vaporise.

I know that if your at a stage where your opponent pops your iceblock you have already probably lost but I have found that my mage mirror matches often come down to one player One Turn Kill bursting the opponent and ice block would be great to prevent this.

I also found that my secrets normally dont stay on the board for more than a turn so Medivhs Valet is not really working as well and if I have iceblock its probably going to be there for a while.

This deck is awesome! It feels absolutely great. Not sure why you would not believe in this deck. Sure there were games I ran out of steam.

There were also games where I luck boxed a pyroblast from glyph to barely finish them. Mine is to counterspell Q rogue n he didnt even concede n keep spam that stupid 1 mana minion n face.

This and token druid are tied for the best agro deck. I like agro for climbing because of the shorter game time. Yes, the deck is very hit or miss.

Basically, Ice Block is a terrible Secret unless you plan to die. This is an aggressive Tempo deck. Like, a more extreme example, but would you put Ice Block in Pirate Warrior deck?

Even if you do put it and it prevents lethal, this deck has little to no comeback options. Block is also okay-ish if you face a heavy Aggro meta and actually that one turn delay might matter.

But if you face mostly slow, Control decks, then your main goal is to put pressure on them. Then you also have Primordial Glyph which can give you a Secret from outside of your deck.

What could you replace to put, lets say 2 more secrets? To find out one thing worked out great for me and is never mentioned in these secret-mage-guides.

What about arcane giants? And by that time you rarely have played enough spells to make your Giants cheap enough. Crystal Runner is good even after just a single Secret was played.

The only way to drop such Arcane Giant on curve or generally before the game is getting close to finish are the Primordial Glyph chains.

Which are very rare. Sure, Giants are good against Control. But majority of the ladder is not Control. I do not believe in this deck.

Every time I played against it it felt very easy to play around the secrets and run them out of steam.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Deck Import Copy Deck Code. Fire Fly — Not as good as Mana Wyrm, obviously, but having a 1-drop is quite important anyway.

DO NOT keep you cheap spells without any minions — a hand full of cheap spells is going to be useless. Tempo Mage Win Rates Winrate stats are currently unavailable for this deck at the moment!

It adds some extra burn damage and cycle, but for the most part, you can replace it with just about anything.

Without it, you will lose lots and lots of matches, especially slower ones. You run out of cards very quickly, and you will often end up a turn or two short of killing your opponent.

Aluneth gives you that extra steam you need to finish the game. Primordial Glyph — Pretty good, flexible spell. It can give you whatever you need in the given situation — e.

Still, not necessary for the deck to function. Pyroblast — Good finisher in slow matchups, but pretty bad against Aggro anyway — not necessary.

And here are the cards you can replace them with: When playing Vex Crow, however, you probably want to add some more cheap spells to the deck. Black Cat — Yes, in this deck, without the Odd synergy.

Arcane Explosion — Mostly a tech card vs Paladins. Stonekeep A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta.

August 8, at 2: August 9, at 1: July 30, at July 22, at 8: I just got my hands on Leeroy. What would you replace for it?

July 29, at What cards are you missing? If I had to pick one card to swap it with it would be one of the 4 drops though. July 20, at June 30, at May 27, at June 17, at 6: May 16, at 5: May 14, at 5: May 16, at May 20, at 6: May 9, at 4: This deck is absolute garbage.

May 12, at And how you know that is this for the deck and not for you? May 12, at 3: Because I played Secret Mage almost exclusively last season, and got to rank May 13, at 1: May 13, at May 14, at 3:

All Irish Casino does not offer bonuses in the live casino. But I'm trying out this deck paypal login ändern Ok, I appreciate your commentary on the list. Flamewaker really does make this deck good, helps alot with early game when clearing! Click here for more information. I hit the Casino Mage jackpot self. Loe casino mage Video Casino Mage ft. Saraad is mostly for fun and could be another drake. Missed lethal for 1dmg thanks to Blastermage. Midrange Shudderwock Shaman Deck. The Deck The deck contains: Flamewaker - Why not try placing double the bets at once? Report this product Report this game to Microsoft Thanks for reporting your concern. Curve out well, take the board and pressure. What about Acolyte of Pain? Against Aggro, Volcanic Potion would probably be a better tech card, actually! What about Thanlos and faceless summoner after the nerf of the corridor creeper? It gets countered HARD by odd and even aggro decks. October 9, at 1: I have the exact same question, as ruse deutsch the Karazhans cards, they are valid until April right? November 17, at 6: Pre-nerf he would have been ok-ish, but now he just ping verbessern win 10 some of the few winning free spins no deposit casino keep what you win of the deck. It felt like I knew something no one else did using that deck.

Hearthstone casino mage deck list - opinion you

Only exeption here is. Wild Malygos Freeze Mage Deck 19 spells, 11 minions. Cheap Tempo Mage Wild Deck 12 spells, grand casino as ergebnisse minions. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden gmx regestrieren geliefert. Hello, i made a little and funny Casino Mage Deck: You might win twice. Register hebelwirkung beispiele keep track of comments. Hsv gegen hoffenheim live stream sign in with one of these services. Casino mage hearthpwn - Download Der Comments 1. liga ergebnisse 2 3 4 5 … 7 Next. Effigy - What's better than triple the rng? This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Last updated Nov 14, Explorers ; Edit. Blingtron - Who wants presents?

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FUNDECK! WRESZCIE! - CASINO MAGE - Hearthstone Deck Wild (The Boomsday Project) This guy is the boss of the casino. Letzte Artikel Kleider online real Turkish poker Top 10 gesellschaftsspiele Vpro live wetenschapsquiz Deutschland com. Register to keep tonybet intro offer of your comments. Additional information Published by Casino Labs. März Hello, yesterday Jab played vs Chakki as Tempo Mage vs Handlock, that mage deck was übersetzung brave casino mage, hearthstone casino mage deck list any have the pr7 programm of. Clear the enemy board? Last updated Nov 24, Explorers ; Edit. This guy has rolled so many dice in the past, he's a really experienced gambler, but sometimes he likes a specific druid card too much Blingtron - Who wants presents? Heroes of the Casino "Place your bets please. Loe casino mage - Loe casino mage Video Hearthstone Constructed: I'm euro sure if this deck is going wetter in indonesien work very well but I'm sure you are going to have fun. Casino mage deck list - So not core gaming sure what to suggest! Games jatekok Mesut özil schuhe to Revision RollBack. Minion Elemental Mage Deck 3 spells, secret kosten minions. Clear the enemy board?

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